The vinification cellar

The new winery

The berries are picked, then they are sent to the winemaking cellar. The latter is modern and respectful of the material. The different stages will be: transport of the harvest by belt, vinification in truncated conical vats, punching down and working by gravity to avoid crushing as much as possible. After vinification, the wine continues its aging in the underground aging cellar. After aging and assembly, the wine is bottled, with filtration. The bottles are then stored in stainless steel pallets of 600 bottles, stored in the underground cellar. The conditions will be optimal for the good aging of the wine: control of the temperature and the humidity rate.

Work with coopers

During the aging, the winemaker, David Fourtout, works with seven coopers. The assembly of its different barrels brings all the more complexity to the wines that you will find during a tasting of our wines.

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The visit on request

During the harvest period (from the end of September to the end of October), visits for groups can be made in our winery. We ask you to contact us beforehand to organize your visit to this modern and unique structure.

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