The underground cellar

The surprising underground cellar

The cellar is the culmination of a gigantic project, masterfully managed by the father of the winegrower, Jean-Guy Fourtout. After 5 years of work, digging through the rock, we obtained this cellar of 600 m² which offers space for our 200 barrels.

The Verdots river was discovered by chance during the work. It is part of the aging and maturing cellar. You can observe it in the cavities in the center and at the ends of the cellar.

An exceptional visit

When visiting our underground cellar, you will appreciate the atmosphere of this room where rock, river and light meet. Let yourself be charmed by this exceptional place in the basement and measuring over 600m². Your tasting may be accompanied by a visit to our underground cellar.


Its primary function

In the basement, hewn out of the rock, the underground cellar is reserved for wine aging, aging and storage. During aging, three rackings are carried out in the air (in June, November and March), to remove the particles that naturally settle at the bottom of the barrel or cellar.

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Book your visit

In groups, alone or in pairs, we offer you a tour of our underground cellar, but also tastings. It takes about 1 hour to 1:30 for the visit and the tasting. We can also organize wine receptions. Without further ado, contact us.