The underground cellar

The surprising underground cellar

The ageing cellar is the result of a gigantic construction project carried out in the early 1990s. After 5 years of work, digging through the rock, we obtained this 600 m² cellar which offers space for our 200 barrels.

Under the surface, almost invisible, flows the Verdots river which nourishes our terroir, or land. You can see it streaming past in places, under grates embedded in the ground. It’s a combination of natural energy that seems to converge in a single point, enhancing our wines and imbuing them with characteristics unique to this area.


Its primary function

The underground cellar, carved out of the rock, is reserved for the maturing of the wine, its aging and storage. During the maturing process, three rackings are carried out to eliminate the particles that naturally settle at the bottom of the barrel or tank.

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