Wine tasting in Bergerac

The Vignoble des Verdots vineyard in Conne-de-Labarde embodies the excellence of a forgotten terroir. Our team of experts and enthusiasts are committed to preserving our heritage while reinventing traditions in order to put the Verdots vineyard in the spotlight.

Come and visit this exceptional place that brings together an original and modern reception structure, a wine-making cellar, an underground cellar and a wine blending room. With family and friends, come and discover this unique place in the heart of the vineyards for an unforgettable tasting experience of our Bergerac and Périgord wines!


The story

We believe that it is possible to respect traditions while breaking the rules. A breath of modernity which, far from sweeping everything away, is infusing Vignoble des Verdots with new energy. The unexpected often inspires the most remarkable achievements. Our ambition: a contemporary vineyard and exceptional wines that are equal to the excellence of their terroir.

Driven by its love for this region, it was only natural that Maison Wessman wanted to acquire Vignoble des Verdots, located a few hundred metres away from its historic vineyard, Château de Saint-Cernin. More than just an opportunity, this was a choice that came from the heart and a deep conviction.

The team

All our wines are produced under the supervision of oenologists including Julien Viaud, associate of the Rolland laboratory. 

A team on a human scale which also includes other talents including Lise, operations director, Christophe, cellar master, Alexandra, France/Belgium sales manager, Florie, export manager, Claire , wine tourism manager, Clara, ADV.

Béatrice, Dominique and Raphaël ensure the well-being of the vines throughout the year.

There are many partners in the region with whom we maintain a sincere and close relationship. Virtuous relationships driven by the same objective: to promote our territory and the vineyards it shelters.


Full of flavour and substance, the Verdots wines are both subtle and complex. This complexity originates in the estate’s cellar, where the rock and the pure water of the river meet. A combination of natural elements that creates the perfect environment to age our wines and produces a very particular energy that shapes each of our cuvées.

Through the diversity of our wines, we hope to reflect all the particular characteristics of our terroir. It’s a symphony whose harmony and power come from the attention paid to each detail, from the selection of the smallest grape to the ageing of our wines orchestrated by the best technicians. The combination of all these elements is what makes a great wine, the expression of an unforgettable emotion.